Paslin Mechanical Engineering

From concept to completion, Paslin provides high quality workmanship, industry expertise, and exceptional value throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.

Automated Engineering Expertise
to Provide Complex
Manufacturing Solutions

At Paslin, we utilize our engineering expertise to provide complex manufacturing solutions. This process begins with our Proposals and Estimating team, transforming the customer concept into a cost-effective, quality system. By keeping the process internal, we are able to provide our customers with a seamless integration process.
Paslin 10 Mile Building

Project Management Overview

Our mission statement is simplicity itself. To constantly exceed customer expectations by providing superior freight forwarding and global transportation solutions including air, ocean, and customs brokerage and logistics services. Our team of professionals is totally committed to provide you a service that far exceeds your expectations. We put forward a tremendous extra effort to give this level and quality of service. At Paslin we are always striving to deliver the most efficient and effective solutions in the industry by utilizing state of the art technologies, highly trained and experience staff as well as a solid infrastructure.

Project Management Solutions

‣ Proactive and timely communication on critical project issues   and concerns
‣ Managing change on all projects through the change   management process
‣ Accountability for the technical direction, scope, schedule, and   budget
‣ Build partnerships at the technical level
Processing High Tech Image

Processing Overview

Our Processing team uses the latest in analytical techniques to evaluate crucial stages in your manufacturing progression, allowing us to validate, improve and create customer proposals, and fully automate robotic assembly systems. Paslin’s processing experts combine years of experience with the latest analytics to create a transformative manufacturing system achieving targeted cycle times.
2 technicians discussing a System Layout


It is our goal to take every technical aspect of system layout development into account. This includes evaluating the overall process, management, logistics and organization of the facility. During the system layout development process, the Paslin team addresses the systems requirements and works to maintain cost-effectiveness.
Robot Simulation featuring resistance welding guns and tooling fixture

Robot Simulation Overview

Utilizing state of the art technology for our virtual robotic simulations. This allows Paslin to validate and optimize robot applications along with emulating the motions digitally, reducing cost and time for integration and installation. Processes are validated and throughput optimized using Delmia (D5/V6) & Siemens (Process Simulate) software.
Assembly system incorporating a Controls Design

Controls Design Overview

Experts in various hardware and software systems, Paslin’s Controls team is able to design a completely integrated solution to meet various environmental manufacturing specifications. We can support our clients through any automation project from simple retrofits to integrating full machine control systems across your production facility. We can provide programming and supply PLC Controls for our advanced robotic systems and motion controls for single-axis or high-performance multi-axis servo drives.
Technical Documentation Packaging

Technical Documentation Overview

At Paslin we provide our clients with support documents as a follow-up to our automated system. Our Technical Documentation and Graphics Department utilize Microsoft Office and the latest Adobe Create Suite software to create technical interactive forms.

These Support Materials May Include:

‣ Spare Parts Lists
‣ Operation and Maintenance Manuals
‣ ECPL Placarding
‣ Operator Instructions
‣ Preventative Maintenance Charts
‣ 360 YouTube Video
‣ 3D PDF’s
‣ Aerial Drone Photography & Video

Advanced Manufacturing

At Paslin we maintain on-site capabilities that allow us to remain vertically integrated and provide quality manufacturing services to our customers.

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Advanced System

At Paslin we partner with our customers at the onset to develop advanced processes to increase productivity within the production plant environment.

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Service &

Paslin is dedicated to providing after-installation support services focused on achieving the customer’s manufacturing objectives.

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