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Robot Simulation:

Paslin utilizes the creation of embedded applications for our virtual robotic simulations. This allows us to validate and optimize robot applications along with emulating the motions digitally. These applications result in reducing integration and installation time and cost. Various types of manufacturing applications are applied by using Delmia (D5/V6) & Siemens (Process Simulate) software.

3-D robotic simulation is used to validate robot reach, process, and tooling clearance. Simulation also enhances the following disciplines:

Process validation
Floor space utilization
Meeting safety requirements
Material flow in real time
Online and off line programming
Integrate new equipment into existing systems
Increasing quality of equipment design
Improve on capital equipment investments

Discrete Event Simulation:

Our knowledgeable Simulation Group creates computer generated 3D models of the system’s operation called a “discrete sequence of events.” These events occur at a precise moment in time with no change to the system. The simulation can then directly jump in time from one event to the next without having to recreate every time slice. This analysis runs smoother than individually going through the corresponding continuous simulation process.