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Processing guy at computerPaslin’s Processing Group uses the latest in analytical techniques to compile data and evaluate these crucial stages in the process validation of our customer’s systems.Our team prudently executes the cycle time analysis, ergonomics, welding requirements, and line balancing.

Ergo Validation Analysis

Employee’s health and safety is a primary concern and taken very seriously. Our processing group designs the system to help reduce workplace injuries, saving associated worker compensation costs, by providing ergonomically tested procedures. Each system goes through a validation process to ensure that all workers are completing their assigned tasks appropriately reducing stress each step of the way.

System Cycle Time Analysis

The Paslin Company Processing Group collects and analyzes cycle time data to make necessary changes to improve the system. Benefits from this data collection include the detection of system deficiencies, identification of corrective action times, and the isolation of system areas that can be improved.

Build and Weld Illustration Packages

These packages, developed and populated by Paslin’s Processing Group, reveal station buildups of product, identify corresponding weld spots, and reveal cycle time information as required by the system’s overall process. Each page is full color, precisely detailed and shows a 3D model mock-up of the product as it would appear on the floor.

Weld Schedule Matrices Development

The Paslin Company Processing Group designs each weld schedule matrix using information gathered from product buildups, robot accessibility, end user formulas, and computer-generated movements from the simulation department. These weld matrices are also developed in accordance with the type of materials used, welding systems utilized, and cycle time requirements.

System Layout Development

While taking all the technical aspects of system layout development into account, the Paslin Processing Group evaluates the overall process, management, logistics, and organization of the facility. The system layout development process addresses the systems requirements and maintains the cost-effectiveness of the factory. Our system layouts furnish an analysis along with their respective installation and integration layouts.

Operator Risk Analysis

The Paslin Company takes a systematic approach to evaluating all operator risks related to the operation of manufacturing equipment. Light Screen safe distance validations, product loading assessments, trunnion and turntable rotations, and robotic arm envelopes are just a few of the operations our team evaluates.