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Assembly Systems

Paslin’s expertise in automated systems and turnkey integration extends over seventy years. Automated assembly uses mechanized, automated devices and a systematic approach to assemble goods. With careful calibration and well calculated adjustments, we deliver leading edge innovative solutions for an array of complex processes. Regardless of size, Paslin provides a wide spectrum of customer support to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Our systems are raising the bar in providing custom automated assembly systems to a global marketplace.

We specialize in:

  • Complete Automated Body Shops
  • Robotic Body Shop Sub Assembly Systems
  • Robotic MIG Weld Systems
  • Robotic Resistance Welding
  • Robotic Aluminum Weld Systems
  • Robotic Rivet Servo Gun Assembly Systems
  • Robotic Exhaust Filters and Catalytic Converter Systems
  • Automated and Manual Nut welders
  • Ergonomic Load Assists
  • Robotic Material Handlers
  • Checking Fixtures

Mig Welding Systems
Resistance Welding Systems
Rivet Assembly Tools
Special Machines