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Wanfeng Technology Partners with Paslin

Wangfeng Technology, a robotic manufacturer and system integrator headquartered in Xinchang, China serving the die cast automation market acquires Paslin in historic global partnership. Paslin is recognized throughout the automotive industry for effectively partnering with customers and suppliers, and its ability to provide both sophisticated systems design and state-of-the-art manufacturing capability. Kirk Goins, CEO of Paslin, said, “We are excited to be part of Wanfeng Technology. The opportunity and financial support that Wanfeng can provide will be beneficial for our employees and customers. We look forward to working with the Wanfeng team, whose experience, strong commitment to Research & Development, and resources will help us achieve our long-term potential. Paslin is now well-positioned to expand our systems solutions and services globally.”


Apprenticeship Program

Paslin installs a robot training cell and apprenticeship program at our Hoover facility. This cell is used to train our personnel in Robot Programming, Controls Design and Tool Build.

New State-of-the-Art Facility

Paslin opens a new 166,000 square foot state-of-the art manufacturing and design facility in Shelby Township, Michigan.


Launch of Service Group

Paslin’s Service Group is formed which is a team comprised of experienced custom integrators. This team delivers custom integration services to increase production and improve efficiency. Typically we install the station or zone rework during manufacturing plant off hours or shutdown so production is not interrupted.


Tower Three Partnership

Paslin joins forces with the investment firm Tower Three Partners to continue company growth. This cooperative has allowed Paslin to expand into the north Macomb area by building our Cherry Creek facility. This facility has over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space and over 30,000 square feet of engineering space housing over 200 engineers in this state-of-the art facility.


Tesla Bodyshop

Paslin provides the complete Body Shop for an all-aluminum BIW. This Body Shop produces an all-aluminum, all electric car. This system has 12 sub-assemblies feeding 14 mainline stations and an offline automated Battery Tray build-up station. This Multi-Fastening System utilizes MIG and Spot welding, Riveting, Pierce Units, and Sealer Stations all assembling the Model S aluminum Body. The components are loaded into trunnion stations for 360 degrees of access, then secured via aluminum spot and MIG welding as well as self-piercing riveting systems. The components are all assembled in geometry stations to ensure dimensional stability.


Complete Body-in-White Assembly System

Paslin receives our first order to provide the complete BIW system for Saturn in Springhill, Tennessee. This first complete BIW assembly system consists of Robotic and Manual weld stations, and a floor mounted transfer system.


Paslin Awarded Patent

Paslin receives a Patent for a Closure Panel Setting Method. This venture requires us to open the Paslin Groesbeck facility where these Closing Panels are designed and assembled.


One Millionth Frame!

The 1,000,000th GMT 900 Frame is produced at the Magna Formet Plant all on Paslin supplied tooling.


Paslin Engineering Group

Paslin incorporates the Paslin Engineering Group, which solidifies Paslin as a major participant in supplying vertically integrated turnkey systems. We combine engineering and the management of information, so that diverse systems can work effectively in every manufacturing aspect such as cost of production, safe work environment and ability to adjust production rates by responding to the demands of the market


One Millionth Engine Cradle

The 1,000,000th GMX 211 Engine Cradle is assembled at the Magna Deco Plant all on Paslin supplied tooling. This system is still in operation today with minimal updates added to keep it current.


First MIG Welding Line

Paslin completes installation on its first full frame MIG welding line for the Budd Company. This was our largest integrated system up to this time.


Paslin Becomes a Major Player

Paslin builds its first of many Welding Assembly Lines, this first complete line is shipped to the General Motors Buick City Plant. This venture starts Palsin on its route to becoming a leading provider of robust assembly systems to Tier 1 suppliers and OEM’s.


Paslin Expands

Paslin expands our services by providing Body Carry Fixtures, Broach Bars, and Broach Fixtures. These fixtures were high volume work pieces and used to machine component parts for the OEM’s.


First Gauging Fixture

Paslin’s first gauging fixture is provided to a small automotive Tier 1 supplier. These gauging fixtures check and validate the dimensions of machined parts according to the customer supplied specifications. These fixtures were installed as a quality check point at the end of the assembly system. This led us in the direction to eventually supply welding automation.


Paslin Delivers During Wartime

Paslin delivers its first of many comprehensive machines. These consisted mainly of Drilling fixtures for sintered metal. We also began the refurbishing BIW tooling for some Major OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) suppliers.


Humble Beginnings

The year is 1937. FDR is President, the Red Wings win their second Stanley Cup and Paslin starts out as a small stamping facility in Warren, Michigan. Daniel Pasque and Donald McFarlin incorporate this venture and name the business after both partners. The first facility supplies small stamped components to the automotive industry. This begins Paslin’s undertaking and development into the Automated Systems supplier we are today.

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